WCTE Conference Tours & Accompanying Program

(To be updated) The following optional pre- and post-conference tour program and Accompanying persons’ program have been specially prepared for attendees of the WCTE 2023 Conference with the previous registration. The tours are designed for participants explore conference-related sights in the vibrant cities and places.
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Our delegates are cordially invited to one pre- and several post-conference tours. The 3-days pre-conference tours goes to Sweden, Region Värmland and Karlstad City. The 2-days post-tour explores the Norwegian timber bridges. The 3-days post-tours goes to the Norwegian historical wooden cities Bergen, Trondheim, Røros and Lillehammer, in addition various one- and half-day tours within reasonable short distance from Oslo City Center.

Pre- and Post-conference tours are not included in the registration fee, but can be booked during the registration to the congress. There is a limited number of participants for each tour up to 50 people.

More complementary information and prices will be available shortly.


Conference Tours

Tour Options

3 days Pre-tour (16-19 June)
Sweden: Region Värmland and Karlstad City

3-days Post-tours 
(23-25 June)
1. Wooden City Trondheim, Lillehammer & UNESCO Røros
2. Wooden City UNESCO Bergen
2-days Post-tours (23-24 June)
Norwegian Timber Bridges

1-day tours 
(24 June)
1. Wooden Constructions & Industry  1
2. Wooden Constructions & Industry 2

Evening tours 
(20 June – afternoon)
1. Field trip – Sustainable Forest Management 
2. Technical Tour – Norwegian Wooden Buildings from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century (Norsk Folkemuseum).
(no accommodation is necessary)


Accompanying persons’ program (18 – 22 June)
The program includes:
  • Get Together/ Ice Break Event (18 June)
  • Opening Ceremony (19 June)
  • Welcome Reception – Oslo City Hall (19 June)
  • Closing Ceremony (22 June)
Optional Guided Tour (parallel to the conference programme)
  • Guided tour at Oslo City
  • Daytrip along the Oslo fjord
  • Daytrip to Hadeland Glasworks & Kistefos museum
  • Guided tour at The Open Air Museum (Norsk Folkemuseum)


General Tour Information

Tour Locations:  Oslo City, Trondheim, Lillehammer, Røros, Bergen, Sweden – Karlstad (Pre-tour), Oslo Fjord and sites in short distance from Oslo city Center.
Organised by: Organisations affiliated to the WCTE-organising committee:
Price: Read more on each trip
The tour includes: Read more on each trip.

Tour Descriptions

3-day tours (round trips)
The 3-days pre- and post-tours are designed for participants to explore conference-related sights in the vibrant cities and places. These tours take the participants through Norway’s most scenic surroundings and to Sweden. Transport, sightseeing with guides, breakfast, lunch, dinner and two overnight stay will be included.

2-day tours (round trips)
The 2-days pre- and post-tours are designed for participants to explore  Norwegian Timber Bridges Our delegates are cordially invited to drive along some of the official Norwegian Scenic Routes. Transport, sightseeing with guides, breakfast, lunch, dinner and one overnight stay will be included.

1-day tours (round trips)
Within reasonable short distance from Oslo city center we will offer technical tours to sites. The participants will visit conference-related industrial site and wooden constructions sites. Transport, sightseeing with guides, lunch will be included.

Evening tours
Various activities in Oslo and short distance from Oslo organised by organizations affiliated to the WCTE-organizing committee.
(to be updated)

Accompanying persons’ program
(Sunday 18 June to Thursday 22 June)
A full and half-day guided tours for accompanying persons will be offered. This will partly be parallel to the conference programme, and  includes Get Together Event, Opening Ceremony, Welcome Reception in Oslo City Hall and the Closing Ceremony, and optional guided Tours.

Side Events
Various Side Event activities will be organised by the WCTE-organisers, WCTE-sponsors and partners. All as pre- and post-conference activities.


Frequently Asked Tour Questions

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