PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification) is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting Sustainable Forest Management through independent certification. Globally, almost 300 million hectares of forest area - that’s seven and a half times the area of Norway - are managed in compliance with PEFC's internationally recognised Sustainability Benchmarks. PEFC certification provides assurances that forests are managed in line with demanding environmental, social and economic requirements.
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Certified timber is now a key requirement in building projects around the world, from structural applications such as timber frame, mass timber products such as Glulam, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) and Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), to components such as engineered floor cassettes, roof trusses and joinery/fit out products.

PEFC certified timber offers the widest choice of sustainable timber species available to the global construction sector including Western Red Cedar, European Larch, Douglas Fir, European Redwood, Beech, Cherry, European Oak and American White Oak.

For more information about PEFC’s global programme and the responsible sourcing assurances that certified sustainable products supply.