Side Events

During the WCTE 2023 three different side events will be organised to run in parallel with the conference. Alongside the conference, the Norwegian and international business community, companies, and public enterprises and associations will have the opportunity to further raise their national and international profiles.
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SALT Festival Installations / Rintala Eggertsson Architects

The experiences of other countries that have arranged WCTE conferences demonstrate that all stakeholders in the value chain from forest to finished building have an important opportunity to gain exposure for themselves, their products, and their services, as well as to top up their expertise, inspiration, and networks and raise awareness of the use of timber in urban development.

About Side Events

Oslo Wood Expo
The Oslo Wood Expo, also known as the folk festival, is a major outdoor exhibition showcasing timber use and architecture from Norway and abroad. The idea is that companies and countries will develop their own timber pavilions from which the business community can communicate directly with customers, partners, and the public in Oslo. The WCTE will be held in June, as this outdoor event is aimed not only at conference participants and their companions but also at Norwegian and foreign tourists in Oslo so as to serve as a catalyst with a ripple effect for Norwegian tourism. Norwegian timber architecture helps to attract tourists.

Student events
Within this part of the project, students at Norwegian engineering and architecture educational institutions will be involved in the WCTE. In addition, competitions will be held for young start-up companies.

PhotoFest (PhotoFestival)
Here the focus is on architecture photography for an audience that is interested in photography and architecture. Photography is a very effective communication tool for architecture that also engages a wide audience. The purpose is to present good pictures of timber architecture and structures built of wood. Meanwhile, the event will help to involve and attract professional photographers and those in the general public who are unfamiliar with the beautiful buildings that Norway has to offer.

PhotoFest will be integrated into the Oslo Wood Expo and serve as a partnership with Oslo’s galleries and the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The objective includes creating events that engage children, young people, and students. The pictures produced will also be used to help profile Norway as a timber nation and the role of Norwegian architecture in tourism. Some of the sponsors can provide their own exhibitions during the WCTE.

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WCTE 2023 offers a unique opportunity for partners to reach researchers, engineers and architects, consultants and building officials, contractors and project managers, suppliers and government representatives from all continents.
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