Tracks & Topics

In the planning of WCTE 2023, we want to keep up the emphasis on research and exploration within wood mechanics and timber structures. We will also focus on sustainability and the role of wood as an attractive and environmentally friendly material for consideration by any actor in the building sector. Recycling, re-use and optimal utilization of materials are coming important topics and should be properly discussed.
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Materials and Innovative Products

1.1 Structural performance of materials
1.2 Material modelling
1.3 Long-term behaviour
1.4 Engineered timber products and production
1.5 Quality control of timber-based materials
1.6 Industrialization of the timber value chain

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

2.1 Sustainable environment and use of wood
2.2 Sustainability and Life cycle assessment
2.3 Zero Emission Building technologies
2.4 Timber engineering for smart societies
2.5 Human perception & health
2.6 Green building certifications
2.7 Building operation & maintenance

Timber Engineering

3.1 Connections
3.2 Fire engineering
3.3 Vibrations & Acoustics
3.4 Cyclic loading, earthquakes & fatigue
3.5 Structural modelling, analysis & design
3.6 Tall timber buildings
3.7 International Codes & Timber engineering
3.8 Mixed, composite & hybrid structures
3.9 Wood-based building systems
3.10 Circular design for sustainability, altered use, and reuse of buildings & components

Timber Architecture

4.1 Architectural potential of new wooden materials & technologies
4.2 Integration of parametric architectural design & CNC manufacturing
4.3 Building physics & building skins
4.4 Sensor systems for building process and operation
4.5 New design practice and building systems
4.6 Use of timber in transport sector (bridges, airports, harbours)
4.7 Exploration & restoration of existing structures


5.1 Best practice examples
5.2 Case studies and visions
5.3 Public incentives and strategies
5.4 Industry strategies to improve modern timber use in constructions
5.5 Educations and future trends
5.6 Dissemination