Sustainable Forestry in Oslo

The Half-Day conference tour of Oslo Forestry is designed to explore Sustainable Forestry in the forest in the so-called Oslomarka
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Our delegates are cordially invited to the half-day conference tour to the Sustainable Forestry in the forest in the so-called Oslomarka. Marka is the name of the forested and hilly areas surrounding Oslo, Norway. Though not designated a borough of Oslo, it is a major recreational area for the population of Oslo, and development in the area is for the most part prohibited. Despite being used frequently by many inhabitants of Oslo, especially at weekends, the fauna of marka includes species such as lynx, wolf, beaver, mooseand roe deer

Tour Facts

Tour: Half-day Conference Tour
Locations: Oslomarka
Dates: 20. June 2023

Time: 18.00-22.00

Participants: 50 pcs (minimum 25)
Affiliated to the WCTE-organizing committee:
PEFC -The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

Price: Free

The tour includes:
Featured: 6 businesses and 6 tourist locations
Tour guide from PEFC

Tour Locations:

  • OsloMarka
  • Maridalsvannet

Tour Description

Tuesday afternoon/evening
Prepare for a full day expedition in the famous Norwegian nature. The Post-tour starts with bus from Oslo Bus Terminal to Hønefoss and Viken Skog Headquarter & Treklyngen Industrial Park. Then you will have a stop at Gol Stave Church, and then lunch at the mountain village Geilo. The you will drive along the Hardangervidda & the Norwegian Scenic Routes to Hardangerfjord. On the way you will stop at Vøringsfossen – one of the most famous waterfalls in Norway, and social dinner. Late check in Bergen.

Frequently Asked Tour Questions (FAQ)